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♪ Singing Along With The Elevator Music ♪

You've reached the userinfo page of jinx_noire, a.k.a myself. ♥ You can call me Jamie, or Jinx. Makes no difference to me. ^.^

x. I am a very weird person.
The smallest of things can get me really happy.
For example, bubble wrap.

x. I keep my friends close, and I care about them very much.
If you hurt one of them in any way, I will personally spork your eyes out.
...with a spork.

x. I'm a huge fan of Fruits Basket. It's my favourite anime.
I love how every event just seems to connect.
...and Kyo's not too shabby, either. ♥

x. I think that love is something which any two people can share with each other.
People who disagree are just...
...the masters of idiocy.

x. I love video games of all kinds.
Zelda, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing & The Tales Of... series = ♥
I love lots of other series, too, though.

x. I also love to write stories, poetry, etc.
I hardly ever show anyone my stories,
But I usually show people my poetry.

x. I love to draw.
Mostly anime and manga-typed things.
I always start new manga, but forget to finish them. o_o;;;

x. I LOVE anime & manga.
I've got tons of favourites!
Some include Furuba, Inuyasha, Naruto, oodles of CLAMP... etc. ♥

x. My style is very...unique.
It's always changing.
My friend thinks I'm an "anime character brought to life." ._.;

x. I'm an overally friendly person.
If you friend me, chances are I'll friend you back, without a thought. -.-;;;
I'm a little bit mental, though, so beware. X3 ♥
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