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In Which I Should Be Working

I hate the entire concept of high school, and I don't think I can push the envelope and ditch anything anymore, so... the knowledge bloody sucks. D:
 I swear, my friends are the only people keeping my SOUL intact, between said hell-hole and part-time jobs. -.-;;; 
...And after-school stuff! I'm on the Yearbook Commitee, since my new-school-best-friend, Robin, FORCED me to join. It's fun, but lots of work, with all the deadlines and stuff. We've just barely managed to squeeze through the hlaf-mark deadline, and now, we're thankfully at a pretty good pace. ^^ 

I just came home from a meeting, actually. Well, the meeting ended at 3 this afternoon, I just hung around our Math room (where the meetings are; the teacher's 23 years old, crazy in a good way, and lets us do whatever we want, therefore is awesome) with my friends Robin, Simon, Edward and Lanora for a bit. It was pretty fun; Edward was trying to convince Lanora that the Loch Ness monster exists (don't ask), and Robin, Simon and myself were just hanging around and doing crap. ^____^

Speaking of my friends, I haven't talked to my old-school-best-friend Ash in a lawwwwwwnnnnnggggg time. It sucks, because we used to be so close. Ah wellers. I sent her an email 2 days ago, we'll see how it goes. ^.^ ...orissheadvoidingme?O.o Nah, she probably just got caught trying to escape her school, and her 'rents just got all stupid and tossed her computer out the window. XD ... which I can totally see them doing, no offense to Ashy Ash, of course. ;D

ANY-WAY, Final Fantasy III = <3. I like it a lot, though it's probably just 'cuz the characters are so tiny and cute. =3= I actually also really want the new Pokemon games for the DS! ^^ Though I'm not a fan of the anime at all, the games still rock. I love the flexibility they all give you. ^_^

Now, it's the weekend, and it's finally time to just... relax. I'm supposed to be going to a party tomorrow, but I'm not, since a) I don't want to and b) people have been saying that it's going to suck.

Daniel and Simon are on MSN right now, but I'm not in the mood to talk with either of them. >.>



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